SWATH-MS Gold Standard Dataset

The SWATH-MS Gold Standard (SGS) dataset consists of 90 SWATH-MS runs of 422 synthetic stable isotope-labeled standard (SIS) peptides in ten different dilution steps, spiked into three protein backgrounds of varying complexity (water, yeast and human), acquired in three technical replicates. The SGS dataset was manually annotated, resulting in 342 identified and quantified peptides with three or four transitions each. In total, 30,780 chromatograms were inspected and 18,785 were annotated with one true peak group, whereas in 11,995 cases no peak was detected. See also http://www.openswath.org/openswath_data.html for details.
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  • SWATH-MS Gold Standard
  • SGS
  • AQUA
  • SIS
  • human
  • yeast
  • targeted